Winter Weather Closings:

humphry burried in snow! copy with boarder Update 2/18/18: Classes WILL BE TAKING PLACE as scheduled today.

There will be no puppy social Sunday 2/18/18


Please check back before you head out to class!

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We are on the radio!

We are on the radio!

Join us Saturday mornings at 10:00 am on Your Pet Matters with Dr. Michael Tokiwa of The Animal Hospitals at Kingston and Blawenburg.  Call in to “Ask the Trainer!”                                                 

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What our clients say:

Stephanie came to our house for a private session with our very reactive, near-sighted Collie who'd charge and bark at anything moving fast, including bicycles and joggers. She'd also react to other dogs, even strollers, and people out for walks. Stephanie patiently and creatively showed us how to counter condition and re-direct our dog in a positive, set-up-for-success way using rewards rather than punishment. We have been working with our dog for about 2 months and the results are startling! She now experiences all the same stimuli that would get her so reactive and instead of doing her charging and barking routine, she has a split-second of the old reaction but then something kicks in and she remembers the new patterning. She trots over to me, ears back and tail wagging, for her treat; no barking, no charging. I never would have believed this change in behavior was possible. We can now start to walk her with our new puppy, who'd otherwise have learned her challenging behaviors. Thank you, Stephanie, for changing her life and ours for the better!

Lauren, Princeton NJ

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