Training is what we do. In the same way that you wouldn’t go to a doctor that was a full time chef who did surgery on the side for extra cash, we believe you shouldn’t trust your dogs development and training to anyone who treats training as an “add on” to a larger business. At Heavenly Hounds our passion and purpose is to provide excellent services that will help you to train your dog effectively using positive methods that will improve your relationship and be fun for everyone involved. Our goal is for your dog to develop good habits, strong self esteem, and grow into a confident, well mannered dog both at home and in public.

We are experienced. All of our trainers carry years of experience and have attended seminars, conferences and training camps – many are even pursuing or already have national certifications for training! We are always trying to better ourselves by constantly engaging in continuing education so we can stay on top of our game and provide you with the very best service, backed by the newest scientific behavior research.

Personalized Training Approach. We do not carry a “one-size-fits-all” mentality. Even in our group classes, our instructors will find ways to make learning easier for both you and your dog. Every dog and family are different and we strive to make a training program that is right for YOU.

Large Training Space. Unlike some facilities that cram you into a small box with several other dogs and their people, our facility allows for you to work next to and near other dogs without feeling like you are on top of them. Our facility gives us the opportunity to spread out when we need to but is not so big that your dog won’t learn how to work in a distracting environment with other dogs nearby.

We teach your whole family. We believe in teaching YOU how to teach your dog. After all, when you are at home, our trainers won’t be there with you if something comes up. Kids are welcome to join in and switch off with the adult handlers so that everyone gets a chance to see how it is all done.

Training is FUN and EFFECTIVE. Our training methods keep your dog excited about training and make it fun for both you and your dog. You will find that when a dog enjoys training, you both will reap the benefits of it both from the training itself and the bond it creates between you.