Rally class is for students who want to compete in AKC Rally or Cyber Rally-O or who would like something FUN to do with their dog which will help build on their obedience skills! In this class, students polish their heel-work and handling skills while learning strategies for improving their performance in competition should the student wish to compete.

Course set-ups may include AKC Rally Novice and Advanced, Cyber Rally-O Levels 1 and 2 (Traditional and Performance), and Cyber Rally-O Dance Division Preliminary and Pre-Bronze.


If you have completed Intermediate class, you will be in great shape to try our Rally for Beginners Class!
Dogs should already have the following skills (but they need not be perfect!):

  • Attention while moving
  • Ability to stay in Heel and/or Side position during changes of pace (Fast, Normal, Slow)
  • Ability to stay in Heel and/or Side position during changes of direction
  • Position changes (Sit, Down, Stand) in Heel and/or Side position
  • Stay/Wait with minor distractions

If you and your dog already know these basics and you’d like to have some fun, maybe it’s time to give our Rally class a try!  If you have never done Rally before, please sign up for Rally For Beginners before moving on to Rally!

*6 weeks = $165

See instructor, Valerie, performing a rally course with her dog in the video below! 

To see start dates or sign up, click the link below:


Rally for Beginners