This class is for dogs that have completed a Basic or Tumultuous Teens class and are ready to move on to the next level of obedience training. In this class, basic behaviors grow stronger and new behaviors are taught that will help your dog behave in everyday life! This class will cover: Stay, Come, Wait, Leave It, Side, Heel, Get On Your Mat and much, much more!

*6 week course = $165 (maximum 8 enrollees)

What’s Included:

  • Classes meet for one hour each week, for the number of weeks specified, consistent with the day and time noted on the start date.
  • Online access to homework for obedience classes that contains written explanations of behaviors covered in class.
  • Personal attention from trainers and assistants in the classroom to help you succeed as well as answer your questions.
  • Up to ONE make-up session (1 hour) can be arranged for certain classes. RESTRICTIONS APPLY. Click HERE for more on our make-up policy.

Prerequisite: Basic course or Tumultuous Teens, or equivalent from another training school



To see start dates or sign up, click the link below:

Intermediate Class