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Does your dog think that they are the greeting committee at your house? Do you dread when someone asks, “Can I say hello to your dog” while you are on a walk?

Let Heavenly Hounds help Put A Stop To Jumping!

*$80 for 3 week course

What’s Included:

  • Classes meet for one hour each week, for the number of weeks specified, consistent with the day and time noted on the start date.
  • Online access to homework that contains written explanations of behaviors covered in class.
  • Personal attention from trainers and assistants in the classroom to help you succeed as well as answer your questions.

Prerequisite:  currently enrolled in or have completed at least a Puppy or Basic class either at Heavenly Hounds or another training facility.


To see start dates or sign up, click the link below:

Put a Stop to jumping Clinic



**Please note that, as with most of our clinics, we will not have make-up classes available for this course. We also do not pro-rate courses. Please plan accordingly.**