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The Heavenly Hounds Day Training Program is designed for dogs who have already participated in one of our classes and is intended to help you achieve the training goals that you have for your dog. With the busy schedules of today, not everyone has the time to put the work in that is necessary to achieve the desired results. In the Heavenly Hounds Day Training Program, we do the hard work for you! Give us your wish lists and put us to work! Whether your dog needs help walking on leash, sitting politely for greetings, coming when called, or learning how to walk nicely past another dog, we can help. The sky is the limit and we will develop a training program that is right for you and your dog.

For the younger dogs, we will automatically institute our Puppy Enrichment Program:

Puppy Enrichment Program (PEP). This is a program designed for puppies 8 weeks-1 year of age, during their “critical periods.” During this time in their lives puppies need to be socialized to as many different things as they can be in order to become confident adults. Stable, confident adult dogs are less likely to develop behavioral issues, such as aggression. During PEP, your puppy will be safely and positively introduced to a variety of stimuli, helping them through their social journey. We will also be working on basic manners and anything else that you may desire! Let us help you create a strong foundation for your puppy!

Simply drop your dog off at Heavenly Hounds and we will do the training for you! Yes, it’s that simple!



DOGS MUST BE ABLE TO BE CRATED. If your dog has a strong aversion to being in a crate, please consider a private lesson or group class instead to work on your dog’s issues. We cannot work on crate issues during day training.



Every Tuesday and Thursday 12:30pm-4:30pm

*Must sign up prior to 24 hours of the day that you would like to schedule

Simply pick the date(s) that you would like to attend and sign up!

$75 per Day or $265 for a 4-session package (see bottom of page for details on our four-session package!)

What to bring: vaccination records (if first time attending), treats with your dog’s name on them, martingale (no slip) collar with snap release, 4ft.-6ft. leash, printed list or note describing what you would like us to work on with your dog.

To see available dates or sign up, click the link below:

Day Training

**If you and your dog have not participated in a class with us prior to day training, please email us to see if your dog is a good fit for our program. Day training is intended to supplement training classes or private lessons. We recommend at least one class or private lesson with a trainer prior to enrollment in Day Training so that you may understand our process, how we teach, what you’ll be expected to do at home, and so that we may discuss your training goals.**



Want to purchase a 4 Session package?

Day Training 4-Session package are now available for purchase ONLINE!  Click HERE to purchase.  Once you have purchased your pass, when you register for Day Training, you can apply the credits from your package! YOU MUST STILL REGISTER FOR THE DATES YOU WISH TO ATTEND!

*Please note: 4-session packages are non-refundable*