Dogs go through a socialization period from about the first 4 weeks to 15 weeks of their lives. In this time it is crucial to get them around other dogs of all ages, people from all walks of life, and other animals.

Not only should they be exposed to other living creatures, but they also need to be exposed to different environments and contexts. We want to teach them that the changing world is a wonderful thing!

In this class, your puppy will have the opportunity to experience play with other puppies (of appropriate size and temperament), meet new people and experience a new and exciting environment.

The class will also cover:
Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Drop It, Leave It, Leash Walking, Potty Training and solutions for Nipping/Mouthing and other unwanted behaviors.

*7 week course = $165 (maximum 8 enrollees)

*The first class is an orientation WITHOUT your puppy. We use this first hour of class to discuss how to set your puppy up for success at home and address any issues that you may be experiencing (can anyone say, “nipping?”). We also discuss the class structure, expectations and our training philosophy.

To see start dates or sign up, click the link below:

Puppy Class (8 wks-5 months)