Do you find you are in need of some extra help with your dog outside of class?
Are your issues with your dog primarily happening at home?
Are you not able to attend a six or seven week session due to a crazy schedule?
Do you wish to speak to a trainer about what you might expect from a puppy or dog BEFORE you bring one home?

These are just SOME of the reasons private lessons with one of our instructors may be right for you!  Private lessons typically are 1.5 hours for your first lesson and one hour for each follow up lesson and can cover a variety of problem behaviors you may be experiencing.  While no issue is likely to be cured in a single session, we can help you to identify the root of your issue and get you well on your way to solving the problem!

Pricing is determined based on a number of factors including the problem covered.

Our trainers will quote you a price prior to your session based on the information your provide. The price of your session is subject to change once we have met your dog. You will be notified upon the trainer’s assessment if we see that it is necessary to make a price adjustment. This is most likely to occur if we find that the behaviors your dog is exhibiting are more complex than originally stated on the intake form.

Generally our pricing falls into one of three categories:

  1. General obedience/pre-puppy consults (Typically $100-$165 for a single dog)
  2. Behavioral issues: This might include, but is not limited to, things like resource guarding, reactivity, or handling issues. (Typically $150-$215 for a single dog)
  3. Aggression (Typically $225 for a single dog)

Please note that pricing for in home sessions includes a travel surcharge (included in the price ranges above).

We offer packages for General Obedience private lessons at a discount.


To schedule a private lesson, or to get a price estimate: Please contact Heavenly Hounds via email at or by phone at 609-610-2037.  

We now also offer phone consultations! Phone consultations are like private lessons over the phone.  These are perfect if you have just a few questions you need answers to or if you aren’t sure exactly what your plan of action should be. Learn more by visiting our Phone Consultation page.