Heavenly Hounds offers qualified persons the opportunity to assist training classes under the supervision of one of our qualified trainers.  Although this is an unpaid position, this is an excellent way for those entering the dog training world to gain some invaluable experience and learn all about dog training.  Assistant hours can be tracked and later used to qualify for various certifications including the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers Knowledge Assessment Test.


  • A desire to learn about dog training and a genuine curiosity about dog behavior and behavior science.
  • Must be physically capable of light manual work and standing for long periods of time.
  • A general understanding of dog body language
  • A passion for working with animals AND people. The four legged creatures are not the ones who pay to come to classes!
  • Great communication skills and patience!
  • An understanding that being chosen means they will be representing Heavenly Hounds dog training in their actions and words both inside and outside of the classroom. They will understand this is not a responsibility to be taken on lightly. Their behavior towards clients, other trainers, training schools, etc both in person in any social media presence is to be respectful at all times.
  • Teaching or assisting experience is a plus but not required.
  • Weekend and Weeknight availability is a must.
  • Dominance/force/coercion based trainers need not apply.
  • Applicants must be willing to go through a background check.
  • Must be willing to treat this position as a job, and as such will let supervising instructors know if you are running late or cannot attend a scheduled class due to accident or illness and understand that repeated absence will result in termination from the position.




  • Set up the room for students with chairs and equipment as needed for class.
  • Help students to their seats. Do not let the dogs greet each other.
  • Cut up treats.
  • Make sure floor is clean (picking up lose clumps of hair, crumbs/treats from previous class, etc)
  • Locate and line up any an all additional equipment necessary for class (crutches, skateboards, tug toys, tunnels, etc.)
  • If class is a graduation day, pull certificates and begin to fill in names as the class arrives.


  • Assist with attendance, payments and waivers
  • Assist human students with exercises once they are explained and demonstrated by the instructor. Whenever possible, you will be verbally instructing the handler on how to increase the performance of the dog using the methods already demonstrated by the instructor but, occasionally, you may need to demonstrate with the dog for the benefit of the handler. If you have a different idea or approach to share with the student, you must run it past your instructor first.
  • Assist students whose dogs are noisy during class! This may be “cradle and massage” or assisting with distracting the dog with an incompatible behavior (focus and attention in a down, targeting, etc).
  • Retrieving red “clean up” buckets and garbage can and restraining dog while owner/handler cleans up any “accidents” using sanitizer and paper towels.
  • Fill up dog water bowls as needed


  • Clean up any dropped food left on the floor.
  • Clean out Kongs and empty and WASH water bowls.
  • Put away equipment and chairs as needed
  • Refill supplies in the red “clean up” buckets.
  • Check that bathroom is tidy and properly stocked with supplies. Notify trainer if we are low on anything.
  • Disinfecting any crates that were used
  • Fold up any blankets/sheets that were used to cover crates. Close crate doors and make sure crate covers are folded back in an organized and pleasant manor as to be visually appealing from a distance.
  • Tidy up work station tables (put away any clipboards, pens, papers, etc), put away treats, wipe down surfaces


All interested parties may contact us at with the subject line: Training Assistant