Class for the Human End of the Leash

Many students laughingly tell us, “You’re gonna have to train ME!”. Although said in jest, there is a lot of truth in that joke. This class will give YOU an opportunity to be trained! In an interactive and fun environment, you will learn:

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    Better timing, so you can reinforce what you want, not something else by mistake!

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    Better observation, so you can understand what’s going on with your dog during training and help him/her succeed

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    Better mechanics, so you can manage all your equipment (leash, treat bag, etc.) more effectively

You’ll also learn how to see things from your dog’s perspective so that you can be more effective in your training and, best of all, you’ll have fun!


Important Information

What to bring:

1st class: Yourself, a clicker (optional), notepad and pen (optional) and a sense of humor!

2nd class: Yourself, a clicker (optional), notepad and pen (optional), a sense of humor and about one cup of each of the following types of treats:

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    Your dog’s kibble or small hard treats such as Charley Bears or Cheerios,

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    Slimy treats such as cut up hot dogs or spam,

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    Soft treats such as cut up cheese or liver.

3rd and 4th classes: Yourself, a clicker (optional), a non-reactive dog of any age, lots of treats (your choice), bait bag(s) and a sense of humor!

*4 week course = $115 (maximum 8 enrollees)



Ready to get trained?