It’s that time of year again! The stores are suddenly flooded with back to school supplies, Halloween decorations and (I can’t even stand it) CHRISTMAS decor! UGH.  Although I’m definitely not ready to give up summer, I always look forward to spending a little more time outdoors with my dog this time of year as the humidly starts to fade away and we get some cooler mornings and evenings. With that in mind, I’ve put together another short list of my favorite things for your pup so they don’t feel left out of all the “back to school” shopping fun.  To make this fall extra exciting, 10 lucky readers are going to win one of my favorite things!

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1) Kong Frisbee – This is my “go-to” toy for outdoor play. Unlike plastic Frisbees that crack and splinter, this rubbery disk can take a serious beating. If you are anything like me, you are more at risk of losing this thing on your roof than you are ever likely to need to replace it due to wear and tear.

2) Chase ‘n Chomp Sticky Bone Pet Chew Toy – This suction cup bone is a fantastic tool for helping dogs enjoy grooming. Smear it with some yummy soft food and stick it inside your shower or tub to introduce fun and relaxation into bathing or stick to a window or glass door while working on brushing or nails. The possibilities are endless.


3)  Snuffle Mat/Activity Mat – While this might not be a great choice for huge chewers, snuffle mats are one of the latest and greatest crazes in the dog world right now. The premise is that you hide food in several crevices and in between bits of fabric and let your dog hunt it out. There are so many different styles to chose from and if you are crafty, you can make your own snuffle mats using directions HERE.

4) Hyper Pet Lickimat Feeding Plate – Speaking of things taking the pet world by storm, Lick Mats are another one! Here the concept is to spread soft food over the textured mat for your dog to lick off. As a bonus, these mats can be frozen and given as a summer treat on cool days. This is a great way to slow dogs down and deliver soft food in a way that is fun and lasts longer! This is also a fantastic option for dogs who don’t really enjoy, or get frustrated, trying to get soft food out of Kongs. Want to make it harder, put a hole in a corner and hang it up inside a crate!

5) Waterhog Floor Mats – I seriously cannot stress how much I love my waterhog mats. I first purchased on from LLBean for my back door where I truck in and out with the dog all the time and just recently added one to my front door because I love it so much. This thing is a beast that shows its true value when you bring in a long haired dog, covered in snow, and it just makes all that wet stuff appear to have never happened. I joke with my friends that this is how I know I’m an adult now… The fact that I not only own such a thing, but practically worship it. If you don’t want to invest in a full rug, try getting one just for under the water bowl. I think you’ll be impressed!


Giveaway Time!

Want some new swag for your dog? This month, in addition to sharing with you some of my Fall Favorites, Heavenly Hounds is giving away 10 Hyper Pet Lickimat Feeding Plate to the readers of this blog! All you have to do is enter HERE. Don’t wait! These prizes will be gone FAST! Good luck and happy training!

Nicole L Yuhas CPDT-KA






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