Tricks 1 Introduction

Looking for something fun to do with your dog?

Tricks are the answer! Keep your dog mentally stimulated by teaching them some cool party tricks! You and your dog will be the envy of the neighborhood! We will working on: paw, spin, twirl, play dead, roll over, targeting and much more!

class details
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    *4 week course $ 175

    Video homework will be given as well as private FB group for support and brags!

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    Prerequisite=Basic or Puppy course or equivalent course from another training school


Tricks 1 Videos

Tricks 2

Have you already taken Tricks class at Heavenly Hounds and are still looking for more? Tricks 2 is the answer!

In this class we will work on some more advanced tricks as well as build on the ones we already started in Level 1.

what to know:

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    *4 week course = $175

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    Prerequisite = Tricks class at Heavenly Hounds Dog Training