Private lessons are a great option for any dog/human that needs a little (or a lot) of individual attention.

Private lessons are held either at our training facility or virtually via Zoom. If you would like to schedule an in-home private, please email us. However, our in-facility and virtual sessions are highly successful! It is not imperative for us to experience the problem first hand in order to have a successful session. Your trainer may ask for a video of the issue occurring before your initial visit. Private sessions range from 1hr.-1/5 hrs., depending on the needs of the client.


Basic Training

Behavior Consultations

$100 per hour. Ideal complement to classroom instruction or to work through behaviors that need more work. Examples of basic training needs include: Coming When Called, Jumping, Puppy Nipping, Leash Walking, etc.


Heavenly Hounds Facility -$95 per hour. 

$115  Zoom sessions for new clients (roughly 1 hr. 15 min.)

$75 per hour Zoom sessions for existing clients 


These consultations are appropriate for dogs that have needs that are beyond merely basic manners. These dogs oftentimes are described as being “upset” or that they cannot think straight. Examples of behavior consultation needs include: barking and lunging at other dogs/people, barking at visitors, guarding valuables, handling sensitivities, sound sensitivities.


$150 for a 90-minute initial session

Follow up/supportive materials are provided after session.

Follow up sessions are one hour and $100


Aggression Consultations

These consultations are appropriate for dogs that have a high bite risk or have already bitten a dog, other animal(s) or human. These consultations are scheduled with a specialized trainer who is also a highly trained and sought-after Veterinary Behavior Technician.


$250 for a 90-minute initial session
Follow up sessions are $150

All private session packages will expire after six months, from the point of purchase. If all sessions have not been used within six months from the time of purchase, there will be no refunds for unused sessions.

Schedule a Private Lesson

To schedule a private lesson, or to get a price estimate: Please contact Heavenly Hounds via emailusing the form below or by phone at 609-610-2037.