For the past few years, I’ve compiled a list of products I think belong in dog owner’s homes. This year is no exception. I’ve put together a list of a few great products you should check out.

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1.Snuffle mat by SNiFFiz. I love this snuffle mat because of it’s large surface area and multiple levels of challenges. In addition to hiding treats in the raised fringe and pockets there are removable additional ways to add challenges to your dog’s meal time.

2.Feibling’s Aussie Leather Conditioner. Investing a leather leash is a great way to add to your dog equipment collection. The trouble is that many leather leashes will come unconditioned which means they will feel stiff and dry when you get them. The quickest solution is to work in some leather conditioner to soften them up. This will also help protect your leather from the elements and ensure that your leather leash will continue to get better with age. While the oils in your hands will serve to keep the leather supple, it doesn’t hurt to condition your leash a couple of times a year.

3.Living with Kids and Dog’s Without Losing Your Mind. With the kids going back to school this month you might actually have a few spare moments to read. If you do, this is a good choice! And not to worry, if your time is still limited, this author and parent couldn’t have made it any easier: she included easy chapter summaries in case you don’t have time to read the whole thing in one shot.

4.Genuine Dog Gear Drag Racer Toy. This toy is always a huge hit with our canine clients. It has the long length of a flirt pole but with fur to get your dog extra excited about the game. Pro tip: Don’t leave this one out where your dog can freely access it, or you’ll likely end up with just a pile of fuzzy shreds!

5. West Paw Toppl. This feeder toy has a few neat tricks up it’s sleeve. First, it’s reminiscent of a Kong toy in its durable construction but features a more open end for a totally different feeding experience. Secondly, you can purchase two different sizes and put them together to create a different feeding experience for dry treats that reminds me of one of my other favorites, the Kong Wobbler. I love that it has this unique ability to switch between dry and wet food and treats with ease.

6.Bully Stick Companion. I’m always concerned when giving my dog chews as there is always the possibility that he could choke on that last little bite. Apparently, I am not alone as several bully stick holders have been hitting the market as of late. This one is a very simple design. You put the bully stick in and twist the end to hold it in place. This allows the dog to chew down to the very last bit without risk of swallowing the final nub. I appreciate that the designers included a tether so that you can anchor your dog’s bully stick to a particular location (helpful if you have company and want your dog out of range or if you prefer bully sticks not be consumed on your couch). The down side is that the tether itself is thin and will be no match for a determined dog who wishes to bite through it. The other down side is that the device itself is quite small. It’s only about a half inch longer than a credit card but not as wide. The trouble is a large and determined dog could easily chew this thing up. For my own dog, it’s been helpful to give me peace of mind and I’m happy I have it for now.

I am also carefully watching another brand which has, what I believe to be, a much better design. The Bully Buddy from Bow Wow Labs is currently available for dogs between 10 and 25lbs and all other sizes are available for pre-order. Based on their recent update to those that pre-ordered (myself included), production has started on the larger sizes and they should be available this fall.

I hope this helped you to discover some new products. If you have any comments or know of a product you think other dog owners would love, let me know using the comment field below!

Nicole L Yuhas CPDT-KA

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