Always wanted your dog to become a therapy dog, but never knew how to go about it?

This class is your first a two step process in learning how you and your dog can become a certified Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dog.

Learn the legal classifications of support animals; i.e., Emotional Support Animal, Therapy Dog and Working Service Dog. We will discuss the benefits of therapy dogs, how to get started and where they can expect to visit once they are certified. You can read more about the differences between the types here: Therapy dogs vs Support Dogs.

There will be an introduction of medical equipment, to help your dog start to build a positive association with equipment they will encounter when they begin volunteer work as a therapy dog. You will also receive TIPS for how to get involved in therapy work and make the most of your future therapy dog visits.
Not all dogs are suited to therapy work however.


Dog Assisted Therapy: Is Your Dog a Good Fit? BEFORE REGISTERING to help determine if your dog is suited for Animal Assisted Therapy.


Important Information

Test for certification is not offered as part of this class.

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    Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test can be given at the end of the course upon request.

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    Fee for CGC Test: $20 donation to AIR Dogs program.

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    *6 week course $190

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    * A portion of the class proceeds are donated to Attitudes In Reverse-AIR Dogs: Paws For Minds Program.


Dog must be close to 1 year of age or older, and must have lived with the owners for a minimum of 6 months. The dog and handler should have completed either

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    Basic Class AND Tumultuous Teens Two or Intermediate Class (or equivalent from another school) OR

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    Puppy AND Tumultuous Teens AND Tumultuous Teens Two or Intermediate Class (or equivalent from another school).

AFTER THIS CLASS, dogs may go on to take the Therapy Eval Prep Class, after which dogs are given the option to take the therapy dog test.

Ready for your Assisted Therapy Dog?