This class is for dogs with BIG emotions! They react (lunge, bark, pull on leash, shy away, hide, etc.) out of a large array of feelings.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is afraid or REALLY excited to interact with a stimuli(s), the training plan is the same. We want to help you create calmness and clarity for both you and your dog.

class details
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    $499 for the complete package of virtual and in person lessons as described below. Coupons cannot be applied to this class.

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    Hybrid course contains 3 SESSION COURSE (over 5 weeks, meeting once every other week) of LIVE VIRTUAL working class sessions on Tuesday nights at 6pm with other classmates. Homework will be provided.  We will also ask for video submissions of your practice and provide feedback between each of the live sessions.

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    Hybrid course will also contain 2 IN-PERSON meet up sessions (1hr.) at Heavenly Hounds Training Facility with other classmates (scheduled after virtual sessions have been completed and scheduled by instructor) on Saturdays at 2pm. 

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    You will also receive access to a private Facebook group for added support and feedback

  • Prerequisites

    Prerequisite Requirements for enrollment: Initial 90 min. virtual private session will be required = $150

  • Additional Questions and Answers

    Click here for Additional information about our Reframing Reactivity course (this link will open a PDF in a new window).