The “tumultuous” time of your teen’s life isn’t over quite yet!

In this class, your pup will continue to work on all “3 D’s” (duration, distraction, distance) of sit/down stay, sit politely for greetings, recalls and “Wait.” They will learn new and exciting behaviors such as “Park It” (go to mat and lie down), “Front”, “Heel” and much more! Your dog can only become a “Terrific Teen” by persistence, perseverance and practice!

This level is also intended for dogs who have completed Basic class whether they are a “teenager” or not as we will be building on the behaviors you started in your Basic class as well as adding a few new ones!


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    *5 week course = $215 (maximum 8 enrollees)

what to know:

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    Classes meet for one hour each week, for the number of weeks specified, consistent with the day and time noted on the start date.

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    Online access to homework for obedience classes that contains written explanations of behaviors covered in class.

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    Personal attention from trainers and assistants in the classroom to help you succeed as well as answer your questions.

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    Prerequisite: Teens 1/Basic Class