Get all of the benefits of training your puppy right from the comfort of your own home!

Your instructor and the homework will guide you on how to apply/train in “real-life” scenarios. If you would like to socialize your pup with other puppies, please join us for our Puppy Socials.

The class will cover:
Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Drop It, Leave It, Leash Walking, Potty Training and solutions for Nipping/Mouthing and other unwanted behaviors and more!


*6 week course = $210 Class will meet at the same day/time each week for the duration of the course unless specified otherwise.

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    Online access to homework that contains written explanations of behaviors covered in class is provided.

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    The first class is really to train the humans. We use this first hour of class to discuss how to set your puppy up for success at home and address any issues that you may be experiencing (can anyone say, “nipping?”). We also discuss the class structure, expectations and our training philosophy. Please have a Kong or other activity ready to keep your puppy busy, as we won’t be doing any formal training in this first session.