is right for me?

Not sure what class to take? Which of these sounds the most like you?

I recently got a new puppy or am getting a new puppy soon. How can I make sure that my puppy gets off on the right foot?

There are a bunch of options available at Heavenly Hounds for new puppies. A 7-week puppy class is usually the place to start! It will answer most of your puppy related questions, teach you and your puppy the basics, and give your puppy a start in socialization.

Puppy Socials are a great way to jump start your puppy’s socialization and give your puppy the confidence he/she needs to succeed in all areas of life.  The Puppy Enrichment Program Day Training is the place to supplement your puppy’s education and socialization, and can help you work through difficult training challenges by having your puppy work one on one with a Heavenly Hounds Trainer.  Paws-Around-Princeton is a great way to practice your puppy’s skills in the real world in addition to providing valuable socialization!

I’ve taken a training class before, but there are still a few things that my dog needs to work on. What can I do to address a few specific issues?

Heavenly Hounds offers a few classes and clinics for dealing with common issues. Check out our Loose Leash Walking Clinic or Put a Stop to Jumping Clinic if walking on a leash or polite greetings are a concern. Day Training can be a great way to work through a specific training issue that you’ve been struggling with. Your dog will get to spend time working one-on-one with a trainer so that they can develop and implement a training plan specific to your dog and their issue. Study Hall is another way to get extra practice with your dog. A trainer is on hand to observe your practice and help you work through any problematic areas that you’ve come across while working in your other classes. If your problem areas take place primarily at home, we can also set up a private lesson to work on issues that aren’t easily replicated in a classroom.

My dog barks at other dogs anytime he/she sees them. Taking my dog for a walk is a nightmare. What are my options for training him/her? Can I even take any group classes with my reactive dog?

Private lessons are often a good place to start when working with a reactive dog. It allows the instructor to tailor a plan specifically for your dog’s needs. Nosework is a dog sport that is great for reactive dogs! Class set up is very accommodating for all dogs special circumstances, and there is only one dog out working at a time so your dog does not even need to see another dog.

My dog isn’t a puppy anymore, but I’d still like to do some training with him. What are my options?

Basics class is open to dogs of all ages and will teach you and your dog all of the essential skills whether they are new to the family or an older dog that simply needs a refresher course. Private lessons are available for dogs who might struggle to cope with the distracting environment of a class or who have difficulty around other dogs.

I’m looking for something more to do with my dog beyond basic obedience. Does Heavenly Hounds offer classes besides obedience classes?

There are lots of fun things to do with your dog beyond basic obedience! Tricks class is a great way to engage your dogs brain and push them to learn new things. Additionally, it is great for improving your timing and skills as a handler. Performance Basics is a fun class that is all about preparing you and your dog to enter the world of dog sports. It teaches the essential skills and behaviors necessary for a variety of dog sports and is a great starting point no matter what your skill level is. The class also offers an introduction to Rally and Competition Obedience. Agility Basics is appropriate for dogs of all ages (even puppies!) and experience levels. This class builds confidence as it introduces all of the essential agility equipment. This class also focuses on useful agility skills such as attention on the handler that have broader applications. Rally is a dog sport that involves a dog and handler team moving through a course consisting of various obedience challenges that they must complete before moving on to the next one. This fun sport focuses on the relationship and communication between dog and handler, and is a great way to apply your basic obedience training in new and interesting ways.

**The best way to get specific advice and a detailed training plan tailored to you and your dog is to CONTACT US.